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Completed Projects.

Ridgefield - Shelburne, Vermont:
Ridgefield is a residential subdivision with a total of 28 lots in two-to five-acre parcels. Located just south of Shelburne Village, all sites have outstanding views of Shelburne Bay and the Green Mountain range.
Meadow Ridge - Williston, Vermont:
Meadow Ridge is a rural residential subdivision tucked above Williston Village. Privately subdivided in one-to three-acre parcels there are a total of 60 lots. Many of the lots have magnificent views of the Champlain Valley.
Stockbridge - Charlotte, Vermont:
Stockbridge is a residential subdivision located in a pastoral setting in rural Charlotte. There are a total of 23 lots ranging in size from three-to five-acre parcels.
Willow Point - Addison, Vermont:
Willow Point is a 17-lot lakeside residential neighborhood with 1,200 feet of Lake Champlain frontage. The subdivision consists of one-acre lots with common areas, docks and moorings. Houses are used for both seasonal and year round residences.
Wake Robin - Shelburne, Vermont:
Holmberg Properties was the construction manager and owner’s representative for design, development and construction of the infrastructure for Wake Robin, a 175 residential-unit, 60-bed assisted living center, administration and food service facilities.
Shelburne South Commercial Park - Shelburne, Vermont:
Shelburne South Commercial Park (SSCP) is a 16-lot commercial/industrial zoned property on 57 acres of land. The SSCP was sold to Vermont Teddy Bear Company and developed into a 60,000 square-foot factory.
Parkside at Longmeadow - Shelburne, Vermont:
Parkside at Longmeadow is a 12-lot residential neighborhood located within the Longmeadow residential neighborhood off Route 7 in Shelburne, Vermont.
Park Village - Brandon, Vermont:
Park Village, formally known as the Brandon Training School, is a mixed-use development located one mile north of Brandon on Route 7. Holmberg Properties redeveloped and subdivided the property into 24 discreet lots from 171 acres with 20 existing buildings consisting of 300,000 square feet. Currently, 200,000 square feet of the space is utilized for medical, light manufacturing, office and senior housing facilities.
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